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Cinemagoer is used in many projects and scientific researches. Here we list just the most notable examples.

If you want to add your project, service or paper to this list, send an e-mail containing the project's name, URL, author, and a short description.


A movie connection quiz in Python

Nikolaos Diamantis


Using Python to create movie quizzes.


Quantitative analysis of the evolution of novelty in cinema through crowdsourced keywords

Sameet Sreenivasan


A great paper on the dynamics of novelty in cinema.

Qunits: Queried Units for Database Search

Arnab Nandi, H. V. Jagadish


Free-form queries on keywords in a database.

Automatic Generation of Movie Trailers using Ontologies

The SVP Group


A paper about automatic generation of teasers using ontologies. It's so cool it hurts!

Likability-Based Genres: Analysis and Evaluation of the Netflix Dataset

Andrew M. Olney


The paper describes a new approach to defining genre. Very very cool!

A Framework for Evaluating Database Keyword Search Strategies

Joel Coffman and Alfred C. Weaver


An analysis of keyword search strategies for structured data. Schema and data can be downloaded from this page.